in person or online personal training options

Emily pulls from her knowledge and experience as a personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga teacher to help her clients achieve sustainable and long term fitness goals. She combines training, habit change and recovery practices into one program completely customized to each client.

Her unique approach to fitness is a combination of mind and body practices which help her clients have long term success.

Your personalized training can be done in a gym, at home or even online so that you can fit training and fitness into your life.

She can help you with:

  • Weight Training
  • Body Weight Training
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase Mobility
  • Decrease and Manage Chronic Pain
  • Customized Fitness and Yoga Practice
  • Create A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are interested in working with Emily you can go to the SHOP page and select in-person or online training.

Mindful, powerful movement that is safe and effective.

One on One

Personal training can be done one on one at your home, your apartment gym, or wherever you workout*

Your training plan will be created once you complete an intake form and Emily will work with you on each aspect of your plan to be sure you understand the movements, how to do them safely and to ensure the program helps you achieve your goals.

Once you sign up for a training session we will schedule your time, select the location and you will complete the intake form. Emily will then design your program.

Please email Emily to set up your training session.

*Some gyms don’t allow outside trainers so let me know if you have a gym membership so we can explore this.

Online Personal Training

Online personal training allows those who are not in the Austin area or who have a very busy schedule to access training with Emily. You will complete an intake form which assesses your goals and preferences. Then Emily will custom design a workout program for you.

Emily’s online personal training has some different elements than a lot of the other coaching programs available. There is a recovery portion as well as a weight training and cardiovascular portion. The recovery portion requires that you do some foam rolling which I will teach you techniques to do that.

There are different parts to the accountability piece. There will be a Facebook group for each level of training where you can get inspiration from the other people going through the program with you. You can ask questions. You can access Emily there. This will help you get ideas about things that you can do in your training, recipes, tips on recovery things. It’s just a great place to have a community of like minded people also in pursuit of fitness and wellness goals.

Please email Emily to sign up for Online Personal Training.