My New Must Have Gym Bag: Go Dash Dot

Our social mission is really important to to me as well. I started working with the women cooperatives as a way to help empower women around the globe. Jamila, founder of the South Tribes Cooperative, works with the women in her cooperative to make the traditional Kyrgyz tassels we sell as handbag accessories. Jamila teaches the women how to pick yarns and techniques for making the tassels so they can learn skills, build confidence, earn money, and gain independence.

The straps we sell separately are made by Sherab, a woman from Bhutan. Sherab weaves traditional Kira dresses to help fund her two young childrens’ education. The Kira dress, which is a traditional Bhutanese dress, uses a kera belt to hold it closed. The kera belt is what we have transformed into the handbag straps. What I find most exciting and motivating is that we were able to give Sherab enough business that she had to hire other women in her community to help her with the orders. Sherab taught the women her skills and is forming her own small cooperative.

Although I love connecting with and empowering women across the globe, I realized there are many women here in America that need support as well. So we partnered with My Sisters’ Place (MSP), which is an organization that works to end violence in intimate relationships and combat the effects of domestic violence and human trafficking. We participate in a variety of events to raise funds and awareness for the organization. We also had the South Tribes make purple tassels, which is the color of the MSP, of which the proceeds are split between MSP and the South Tribes.

— Hannah Fastov, Founder and CEO

I was recently at a fitness conference in Las Vegas where I encountered a bag company. As a big lover of bags of all sorts I was drawn to their booth. I love tote bags of all sizes and kinds and I always have some sort of tote bag with me. 

As a busy working mom, I often have three tote bags with me – my day-to-day bag, my gym bag, and my kid’s bag. Needless to say, I have tons of bags at my house. They are popping out of closets and drawers.

When I came across the Go Dash Dot booth, I met the Founder, Hannah. She told my friends and me a little bit about the bags. As soon as they showed me one, I fell in love with it. It has so many pockets and compartments which is exactly what I need to help my busy life be a bit more organized. 

I am a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, and a personal trainer, and as such I have to carry around all kinds of things. In the course of a normal day, I often have to have two changes of clothes and two pairs of shoes as well as snacks to get through the day and notes for my clients.

So, when I find a great tote bag, I get extremely excited about it which may make me a bagaholic and I’m okay with that. It helps me get me through my day more effectively. Having an organized bag helps me from one place to another without forgetting things. Sometimes, I’m gone from the house at twelve hours straight. It’s very common for me to be gone from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. And so, making sure that I have all the essentials to get through the day is really critical to keep me on schedule.

When I came across these bags, I was even more excited to find out that this company is involved in charitable giving and supporting women because one of my pet projects is supporting women and especially less fortunate women. Finding out that these bags are made by a company who donates a portion of their proceeds to women and who also supports women laborers in Kyrgyzstan was even more exciting. It’s kind of a win-win at that point to get a product that is good quality, has lots of organizational compartments, lots of strap options, and that is also a company that’s supporting women. 

I ended up grabbing their biggest bag, the Weekender. I traveled back from the convention with it as my carry-on and it held my laptop, an iPad, my spiral, two enormous water bottles, my phone, note cards, pens and pencils, Post-Its, and my lunch. So, that’s a pretty great bag for traveling.

Since then, I’ve been using it as my gym bag. Now, the bottom compartment that holds shoes, I have actually opted for, if I don’t need to carry shoes or my yoga mat with me, I instead have been putting my water bottles in that compartment. 

I typically travel with two water bottles every day, one of the bottles is for the gym and it’s got BCAAs and then the other water bottle is one that I drink throughout the day and I keep electrolytes in it. So, I always have two big bottles with me. The Weekender helps me do a better job of keeping those contained. Having a bag where I can stash those water bottles in a zip compartment at the bottom of the bag and they’re not beating around, slushing around, or spilling on my stuff is a really nice bonus in my opinion. 

The bag has been great. It’s held up great. I have been able to put so much in it and it is really cute on top of that.

Inside, there is a removable pouch that can be carried on it’s own as a small bag which is perfect for putting your phone, wallet and some lip gloss into for running errands or just being able to find your smaller items

The Weekender is their largest bag. They do have another bag called the Infinity which is smaller but looks similar and that will be my next acquisition because I would love to have that as my day-to-day bag. 

I also am using the Weekender bag as an overnight bag. If I’m traveling, I can put all of the stuff that I need for two days. Say, I’m going to do a Saturday overnight, a Saturday to Sunday trip with the Saturday overnight, I’m able to get everything I need for the whole weekend inside of the bag.

As a previous lover of Lululemon bags, I actually decided that I’m probably going to get rid of most of my Lululemon bags now because I think that this bag is so much more usable and way cuter.

The tassel options – the tassels are the pieces that are made by the workers in Kyrgyzstan and these women are given most of the proceeds of the sale of these tassels and they come in all different colors so they can kind of jazz up your bag a little bit. You can get your favorite color and customize your bag. 

There’s a removable shoulder strap on this bag and you can also get different colors in that and kind of customize your bag. (There is a picture of one of the straps included in this post) 

My next bag purchase will be their Infinity bag for every day use. Find it here https://godashdot.com/collections/infinity-bag/products/infinity-bag-black-pink

You can learn more about Go Dash Dot here https://godashdot.com/



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