Soul Cycle Class Review

Soul Cycle is relatively new to Austin and is way outside of my wheelhouse. Before this experience I had never before done a spin class. Soul Cycle wasn’t just any spin class though. It was a dance party and spin class rolled into one sweaty and fun experience. 

When we arrived were were greeted by a very bright and exciting staff and atmosphere. The music was cranked, the staff was friendly and very helpful, there was free cold brew coffee to get you ready to ride. The environment is motivating. In fact, it’s much like walking into a party.

Walking into the cycling studio felt more like going into a club. The music was loud and upbeat, the lights were low, and there were candles lit. The assistants that help you get set up on your bike are wearing bright colors, have multi-colored lights and stickers on their faces. 

You will go to your pre-assigned bike and an assistant will help you get it adjusted correctly and explain how to clip in and out of it. 

Once class gets going the party is in full effect. For your first ride you will likely feel a little confused as you don’t yet know all the Soul Cycle lingo but the instructor will both demonstrate and explain things. We had a hard time hearing everything being said and watched he people who seemed to know what was going on already. The instructor moved us through all types of different hand placements, speeds of peddling and even some dance choreography. 

One of the great things about the class is that they challenge you to push yourself but you can really take it at your own speed. There was zero pressure to push yourself beyond your capacity and I appreciate that because I know injuries often occur in classes where students are encouraged to keep up with others who may be more experienced and/or fit. The instructor will encourage students to add more resistance to their bike or to peddle faster but everyone is really working at their own level and in their own zone. 

We sang, we sweated, we laughed and we got an fantastic workout. We did the Soul Survivor class which is the longest one and although I was concerned going in that we might have made a gad choice we ended up loving it. This class incorporated hand weights at the end. I went with the heaviest weights available in a moment of panic but would say to go a little lighter than what you might think because by the time we got to this portion of class I was feeling the burn!

The class wrapped up with some on bike stretching and some mellow music. I felt the need to stretch a little extra because my quads were super tired. But I felt amazing. I was buzzing from head to toe from exhausted muscles, sweat soaked and laughing at how fun it all was.

A note to those of you new to cycling, figure out how to sit on the seat so it doesn’t hurt your undercarriage. I had to figure out the hard way that I needed to slide further back on the seat so that I wasn’t killing my lady parts. 

The facility was very clean and nice. Lockers have a USB plug in them in case you need to charge up your phone while you ride. There were earplugs available for those more sensitive to loud music and let me tell you the music was loud. My friend and I were having to yell at one another and even though we were right next to each other I couldn’t hear much of what she said. 

Sweat Factor: Super high. I was drenched. Though I forgot to war my heart rate monitor I know I burned a lot of calories. 

Beginner Friendly Factor: Moderately beginner friendly. I would recommend choosing a bike where you can see the instructor well. 

Money Factor: High. These classes are not for the budget minded fitness junkie. Classes come out to be about $30 per piece and that does not include the shoe rental. You will need the shoes that clip into the pedals on the bikes but those are provided free for your first ride and $3 a ride after that.

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